Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers-Centre dramatique national Pays de la Loire

Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers-Centre dramatique national Pays de la Loire

2013-14 Summaries


After the script by Pierre Koralnik
Dialogues Jean-Loup Dabadie
Words and music Serge Gainsbourg
Directed by Emmanuel Daumas

This musical written by Serge Gainsbourg takes us back to the ORTF years. Emmanuel Daumas revives this theatrical gem with Cécile de France. A tangy reminder of the best of the sixties, just for the thrill to,hear again Nouvelle vague hits, such as « sous le soleil exactement » created by the famous « man with the cabbage head », Serge Gainsbourg.

with Cécile de France, Grégoire Monsaingeon, Gaël Leveugle, Florence Pelly, Crystal Shepherd-Cross

  • Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 october at 7.30pm - T900

En travaux (Under construction)

Written and directed by Pauline Sales

On a construction site, a woman and a man with very different backgrounds meet. They weave an uncertain and dangerous link, intertwined with the hazards of the night, fear of strangers and life’s mishaps. An intense writing produced by a woman playwright for two great comedians.

With Hélène Viviès, Anthony Poupard

  • Monday 4 to Wednesday 6 November at 7.30 pm
    THV St Barthélemy


by Marius von Mayenburg
direction Frédéric Bélier-Garcia

Back from holidays, two couples meet again, but they soon have to reinvent along a domino effect the script of their life stories. Each of them turns alternately into a child, a lover, a mother, a lodger or even an au pair girl. From the nonsense of the most trivial domestic situation, we stumble into Plato’s cave, as in a kind of existential Cluedo. This totally unpredictable comedy with caustic humor, should give us a little food for thought and a lot to laugh about.

with Valérie Bonneton, Agnès Pontier, Samir Guesmi, Christophe Paou

  • From Thursday 14 to Saturday 30 November - T400
    Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm, Thursday and Friday at 8.230 pm and Saturday at 6pm.


by Karin Serres
direction Anne Contensou

Suspense, revelations, sudden developments… TAG is moving on like a detective novel in some provincial backwater. Four actors and a musician on stage display a high level of rock‘n roll energy. Teenagers just love it !

with Jean-Baptiste Anoumon, Vincent Debost, Florian Guichard, Anne-Laure Tondu, Antonin Vanneuville

  • Tuesday 26 November to Friday 6 December (off on Sunday)
    From Monday to Wednesday at 7.30 pm, Thursday and Friday at 8.30 pm , Satruday at
    Salle Claude Chabrol


by Sophocles
Direction Adel Hakim

Creon who has become the official ruler of Thebes, buried Eteocles’s body with honor, but he wants to leave the other brother, Polynices’s body, to rot. Antigone their sister decides to defy Creon’s laws and gives her brother a proper funeral. Creon is very angry and sentences Antigone to death. This play, performed in Arabic by the Palestinian National Theater, has received the « Best foreign play 2012 award » from the critics’ union. There could not be a more adequate choice than Sophocles’ play regarding the situation in the Middle East. But overall it is the sharing of art which is bringing the people together.

With the actors of the Palestinian National Theater of Jérusalem, Hussam Abu Eisheh, Alaa Abu Garbieh, Kamel Al Basha, Mahmoud Awad, Yasmin Hamaar, Shaden Sali, Daoud Toutah
Play performed in Arabic with French subtitles

  • Tuesday 10 to Thursday 12 December - T900
    Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30 pm, Thursday at 8.30pm

Prélude à l’agonie (A prelude to agony)

Conceived and directed by Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron

The Zerep Company is back on stage with a western ! The casting does not include John Wayne, but there is a beautiful view on the Far-West and all the rodeo show paraphernelia : hired killers and duels, love and reconciliation scenes… A wild and amazing display in « zereposcope » !

with Christophe Fluder, Gilles Gaston-Dreyfus, Danièle Hugues, Françoise Klein, Sophie Lenoir, Jean-Luc Orofino, Stéphane Roger, Marlène Saldana

  • Wednesday 18 to Friday 20 December - T900
    Wednesday at 7.30 pm, Thursday and Friday at 8.30pm


by Jean Racine
Direction Jean-Louis Martinelli

Calculations, treasons, murders… Racine brings us straight in the heart of the imperial intrigues in the antique Rome. This wonderful and timeless classic play has been widely praised by critics and audiences.

With Anne Benoît, Alban Guyon, Alain Fromager, Grégoire Œstermann, Agathe Rouiller, Anne Suarez, Jean-Marie Winling

  • Tuesday 14 to Thursday 16 January - T900
    Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30 pm and Thursday at 8.30pm

The Jekyll case

by Christine Montalbeltti after Robert Louis Stevenson’s Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
directed and performed by Denis Podalydès, from the Comédie-Française

Alone on stage, Denis Podalydès performs in turn Doctor Jekyll and his evil counterpart, Mister Hyde, created to satisfy his least acceptable urges. An astounding acting performance !

  • Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 January.
    Wednesday to Friday at 7.30 pm

Henry VI

by William Shakespeare
Direction Thomas Jolly

This eight hours saga displayed in a whirlwind of images is a delighting history lesson cut like a tv series. The 20 comedians of this outstanding theatre company are led by a 30 years old young director we definitely will stay tuned to.

with Johann Abiola, Jean Alibert, Damien Avice, Bruno Bayeux, Alexandre Dain, Geoffrey Carey, Eric Challier, Flora Diguet, Emeline Frémont, Damien Gabriac, Thomas Germaine, Thomas Jolly, Pier Lamandé, Martin Legros, Julie Leratgersant, Charline Porrone, Jean-Marc Talbot, Manon Thorel

  • Saturday the 8th of February at - T900


after William Shakespeare
written and directed by the Piccola Familia

Henry VI performed on 6 m2 and in 45 minutes ! This is the extraordinay gamble taken by Thomas Jolly along with four actors from the Piccola Familia while Shakespeare’s Henry VI was created... The hundred years war has never passed so quickly…
with Damien Avice, Bruno Bayeux, Flora Diguet, Manon Thorel

  • Monday 3 to Thursday 6 February at 7.30 pm - Angers castle

Mort d’un commis voyageur (Death of a salesman)

By Arthur Miller
Direction Claudia Stavisky

The failure of the « Americain dream » is explored through the lost illusions of Willy, a modest hero performed by a wonderful actor, François Marthouret. In this visionary play, Arthur Miller (who used to be Marilyn Monroe’s third husband) condemns in 1947 the values of a society based on money.

with Hélène Alexandridis, Jean-Claude Durand, Mathieu Gerin, Sava Lolov, Valérie Marinese, François Marthouret, Mickaël Pinelli, Judith Rutkowski, Matthieu Sampeur, Alexandre Zambeaux

  • Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 february - T900
    Wednesday at 7.30 pm, Thursday and Friday at 8.30pm

The Capital by Karl Marx

Direction Sylvain Creuzevault

After Le Père Tralalère and Notre Terreur, two outstanding plays, the Nouveau Théâtre d’Angers coproduces and hosts the opening night of Sylvain Creuzevault‘s new artistic venture. After the French Revolution, he follows the tracks of Karl Marx‘s writing, along with twenty comedians, to create a unique play. Struggle of dreams, of bodies, utopias and melancholy, this poetical and political uprising is a contemporary theatrical manifesto not to be missed.

with Samuel Achache, Vincent Arot, Benoit Carré, Antoine Cegarra, Marion Delplancke, Pierre Devérines, Lionel Dray, Baptiste Etard, Arthur Igual, Clémence Jeanguillaume, Lucette Lacaille, Léo-Antonin Lutinier, Lara Marcou, Frédéric Noaille, Claire Perraudeau, Amandine Pudlo, Sylvain Sounier, Julien Villa, Marthe Wetzel, Noémie Zurletti

  • Tuesday 18 to Friday 28 March - T400
    Monday to Wednesday at 7.30 pm, Thursday and Friday at 8.30pm, Saturday at 6pm.

Le roi se meurt (The king is dying)

By Eugène Ionesco
Direction Didier Lastère and Jean-Louis Raynaud

Béranger 1er is a very old, very powerful king who believes himself immortal. The court people try desperatly to open his eyes on his irreversible decline but he will not accept the inescapable truth. The Ephémère company from Le Mans recreates this tragedy in hte light of recent news headlines. This show is presented along with the Voisinages program.
with Claire Aveline, Margot Châron, Florian Guillot, Louise Kervella, Didier Lastère, Philippe Lebas

  • Tuesday 22 to Friday 25 April - T900
    Tuesday and Wednesday at 7.30 pm, Thursday and Friday at 8.30pm

Miss Knife sings Olivier Py


Olivier Py is returning to his night club singer transvestite character. This tangy concert doesn’t indulge into any form of complacency, it urges instead to make fun of oneself and warms our souls. This is a joint invitation from Angers Nantes Opéra and the Centre dramatique national des Pays de la Loire.

  • Tuesday 18 February at 7.30 pm - Grand Théâtre

Tout semblait immobile (Everything seemed still)

When a lecture about fairy tales is drawing in to the forest, when the actors are becoming the characters of their own story, when this is all dreamed up by Nathalie Béasse, what else is there to do but let yourself get gently carried away from reality to fantasyland.

  • From Monday 12 to Friday 16 May - T400

Voyage au bout de la nuit (Journey to the End of the Night)

by Louis-Ferdinand Céline
Direction Françoise Petit

Jean-François Balmer is Bardamu. Alone on stage, his virtuoso interpretation of this famous character enhances Céline’s disenchanted sense of humour and his dazzling furiousness.

  • Friday 24 May at 8.30pm - Grand Théâtre

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